Wellbeing & Mental Health

We offer support to organisations who wish to improve employee wellbeing and mental health. We do this through training, advice and policy development. 

Who is it most suitable for?

  • Organisations who aim to be employers of choice; to attract and retain the best talent. 

  • Businesses who are experiencing specific wellbeing and mental health challenges which are disrupting day to day operations. These might include a high turn over of employees, employee relations cases and high levels of sickness absence. 

  • Organisations who want to do the right thing ethically; to show both employees and customers they have a social  conscience. 

  • Companies operating in industries where the risk of mental health challenges are greater, such as within the construction industry. 

Our Approach

We are fully qualified Mental Health First Aid instructors who also understand UK employment law, HR best practice and the day to day realities of running a business.  

Our advice is pragmatic, cost effective and evidence based. We don't do gimmicks, instead we focus on meaningful organisational or cultural changes which generate measurable results. 

We support organisations to protect  employees and the business, but we know from experience that wellbeing changes can also be a route to growth. Happier, supported employees lead to improved customer care, productivity and loyalty.  



  • Mental health reviews and focus groups.

  • Wellbeing interviews and surveys.

  • Mental health policy and process development.

  • Mental health or wellbeing training and talks (including relevant employment law). 

  • Wellbeing and mental health communications or strategy.

  • Return to work meetings.

  • Reasonable adjustments advice.

  • Introducing workplace action plans and wellbeing action plans.


Our fees vary depending on the complexity and duration of the project.