Training & Conference Speakers

We offer nationally recognised and accredited training in mental health and wellbeing alongside our own courses. We also provide bespoke training that we design with clients. We do this using our modular HEART method. 

Business Meeting

Who is it most suitable for?

  • Organisations who require a better understanding of mental health, including within existing in-house HR teams.

  • Managers or executives who want to improve their understanding of UK employment law to better protect their businesses.

  • Businesses who require a better understanding of neurodiverisity, how to support, recruit and get the most from neurodiverse employees while complying with UK employment law. 

  • Organisations who would like to increase awareness of wellbeing issues, mental health or neurodiversy among a larger audience. 

Our Approach

We are different from other training providers due to combining training on specialist wellbeing topics with UK employment law and management training. 


We believe it is not enough for businesses to increase understanding of individual conditions, differences or to provide sign posting to additional support. They also need to understand the legal and managerial implications for the company. 


We know line managers require unique skills and knowledge if business are to get the most from their people while protecting the business. 

All our trainers hold national recognised training qualifications. 



  • FAA Level 1 Award in Awareness of Mental Health (normally combined with relevant UK employment law).

  • FAA Level 2 in First Aid for Mental Health. 

  • FAA Level 3 in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health.  

  • Neurodiversity Awareness; dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum, ADHD etc. (normally combined with relevant UK employment law).

  • Line manager training (how to manage, coaching skills for managers and basic employment law).

  • Bespoke Training (designed using our modular HEART Method).

  • Mental health, wellbeing and neurodiversity talks.


Our training fees vary depending on the course chosen, if training is at the clients premises or our own venue, the duration of the training and whether it is a group booking .